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An amazing designer inspired this piece. His name is Hutton Wilkinson and in addition to being an interior and jewelry designer he is an author as well. His two recent books, “Tony Duquette” and “More is More” are wonderful chronicles of his work with the legendary Mr. Duquette over the years. Though Mr. Duquette was a giant in the design world, Mr. Wilkinson never appears to have lived in his shadow. It would be easy to credit his success to having worked with the Duquettes, but instead his own vibrant personality and creative dynamism are clearly evident in his own work and his writing.


Meeting Mr. Wilkinson was an incredible experience and his admonition to keep on being an “adventurer” reverberates with me still. Though each artist owes so much to those of the past, I hope to, as Mr. Wilkinson has, forge my own creative adventure.



Original sculpture, from the series ‘Les Rêves de la Mer’ (The Dreams of the Sea). Five arm candelabrum. Hand carved plaster over metal armature. Signed by the artist. Bright turquoise, high gloss fantastical coral forms adorned with graduated crystal spheres and radial flowers.


·        Dimensions: 18”H x 8”Diam.

·        Materials: Plaster, Metal Findings, Crystals and Glass Spheres

·        Standard Size Candle Cups: Bobèche Required

·        Interior Use Only

·        Artist Contact: Derek @ Velene.com


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