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I've carried this former topiary form around for years, but never quite knew what to do with it. One night, I had the most amazing dream: a fairytale of a serving girl who gets to live under the waters with a handsome prince. Of course, she has trials and tribulations, but in the end, Neptune rewards her devotion with the chance to travel back and forth between the surface and the undersea world.
When I woke, I could just barely remember the details, but I know she would love her undersea balloon traveling through "Neptune's Sky"


Original sculptural light fixture, from the series ‘Les Rêves de la Mer’ (The Dreams of the Sea). Underwater hot air balloon, floating through Neptune's sky, beneath the waves. Hand carved plaster balloon and basket forms over metal armature. Upper and lower elements linked with crystal chains. Blue patina over burnished gold finish accented with original flower forms.

·        Dimensions: Appx. 30"W x 20"D x 56"H

·        Materials: Stone, Plaster, Metal Armature, Findings, Beadwork

·        Wiring: Six 75W Bulbs, 10' Cord, Hardwire

·        Interior Use Only

·        Artist Contact: Derek @ Velene.com

More photos to come!

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